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Sing with me!

Who? We are La Hammocka and we make fun and (hopefully) educational apps for kids.


Brandon -As the Director of Creative Programming at an award winning all-in-one family play space in the Flatiron district of Manhattan from 2007 through 2010 Brandon created classes and curriculum for children new born to five years of age. During his time as creative director he found nothing more satisfying than parents who turned to him and said "I had no idea my child could learn that at this age!"

Dan- Dan is an innovator in the music space and has fostered a deep love of music since his early childhood. Dan has produced multiple albums and currently performs in New York City on a regular basis.

What do you know about education?
Not only is Brandon a certified K-6 teacher  but the programs he helped create are currently being taught on 3 continents!

Brandon is honored to say he was part of the creative team that developed the Songs for Seeds program - an interactive children’s music class recently voted “Best Children’s Music Class of 2010” by New York Magazine.

We hope you enjoy our applications and find that they are another way to connect and spend time with your child!